WDI Joomla Development

Joomla Development with Business in Mind

Web Design Ireland offers professional website design and development for businesses based on the Joomla framework. We offer of the shelf extensions and templates for developers as well as custom design and development for all business types. All of our work features mobile friendly responsive technology, flexible solutions, easy to edit code, modern CSS3 and professional colour schemes

Joomla Templates

Our web designers not only strive to keep your costs down but also to provide an outstanding web designs with an easy to change code. Our templates can be upgraded and easily expanded. We do not use additional frameworks so simply knowing CSS and Joomla will allow you to add extra modules or CSS for third-party extensions without running into problems. An access to our Joomla Templates will greatly benefit both beginner developers and seasoned ones.

Joomla Extensions

Here at WDI (Web Design Ireland), we develop components and extensions with a second to none Joomla Content Management System. As in Joomla Templates so in Joomla Extensions we do not use external frameworks. In our components you will only find what Joomla uses anyway: Bootstrap and jQuerry. Other than that it is just PHP and custom JavaScript. This eliminates a lot of problems you could run in to when adopting  an extension to your own template. You must also know that we provide an extensive documentation for every Joomla Component so you can easily change what you want without ever contacting us.

Free Joomla Templates

From time to time we may provide some of our Joomla Templates for free. They are only available through special online offers and if you did not apply for them then they are no longer available.



Our templaes and components are using latests CSS3


Our templaes and components are using latests HTML5


Our templaes and components are using latests PHP7


Our templaes and components are using latests JavaScript