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What is Joomla?

Joomla is a world-wide known, extremely popular system for building simple and complex websites fast. It is both an award-winning content management system (CMS) and a framework. Joomla's features: ease-of-use, expandibility and flexibility have made it an invaluable software for building professional online applications. The best aspect of Joomla is that it is a free open source solution avaiable to individuals, businesses and can be used for both commercial and private purposes without any restrictions.

What is a content management system (CMS)?

A content management system is a software that alows you to manage all content of your website with very little or no technical knowledge. A computer literate person should be able to manage it with an ease. Content is anyting placed on the website: texts, graphics, photos or documents to mention the most common ones. Also audio and video files are considered a content but usually they will require and additional application to manage (Joomla component) or external storage (ie. YouTube) to embed within the website. Another often embedded in CMS elements are maps (Google Maps, Bing Maps or any other). A content management will enable you to add, delete or edit content mentioned above on your website.

What are the main elements of Joomla content management system?

Joomla CMS consists of 5 main groups of elements:

  • Joomla core system files,
  • Joomla components,
  • Joomla modules,
  • Joomla plugins,
  • Joomla templates.

Some of components, modules and plugins are deliverd with Joomla core files in a Joomla CMS package. Thousands of additional Joomla extensions are available via Joomla comunity website in either free or paid version.

Joomla CMS is writen in PHP and the latest Joomla is compatible with PHP 7 which almost doubles the speed of file execution on a server side. Joomla CMS is compatible with all major browser (Chrome, Edge, FireFox, Safari) and uses modern versions of HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript (jQuerry included). Some parts of Joomla system use also Bootstrap.

Joomla is used to build vrtualy any type and size of website:

  • small business websites,
  • average sized business websites,
  • corporate websites and portals,
  • multilingual website,
  • government and organization websites,
  • magazines and newspapers websites,
  • online shops and e-commerce,
  • online payments, reservations, bookings and hire,
  • portfolios, cataloques, list of projects,
  • real estate agents and car delers,
  • schools and churches,
  • and many more ....

How many people use Joomla?

According to some statistics Joomla poweres over 60 million websites.

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